Tox Love

Botox & Dysport

Botox and Dysport are injectable medications that slow the appearance of aging to our skin. As we lose collagen and elastin over time, with dynamic muscle contraction, we are left with superficial fine lines and wrinkles. Botox and Dysport halt that dynamic movement leaving your skin smooth and looking youthful! These neuromodulators can even be used to PREVENT fine lines and wrinkles from beginning in the first place.

Botox and Dysport are the main neurotoxins used at AIVE aesthetics because they are CLIENT favorites! The amount you receive is uniquely formulated for your face to get you the lasting results of 3-4 months.



(Frown Lines, 11's)
10-40 Units


This is that stubborn frown between your eyebrows. TOX here cannot only soften or knock out your frown lines completely, but it can also reduce headaches and migraines if you suffer from them as well. This leaves you with a soft, refreshed look. Win-win baby!

Forehead Lines

5-25 Units


Botox and Dysport can be strategically placed to smooth horizontal forehead lines leaving you looking smooth, fresh and vibrant!

Brow Lift

4-12 Units


An easy solution for heavy or tired eyes; TOX in this area can open your eyes back up! Placed strategically, we can restore back to you a lifted, well-slept, more youthful look!

Crows Feet

10-24 Units


Soften fine lines around your eyes with Botox or Dysport to reveal a more youthful, fresh set of eyes!

Bunny Lines

12-20 Units


Those nose scrunching lines can too be relaxed with Botox and Dysport keeping your face looking fresh!

Lip Lines

(Lip Flip)
4-8 Units


Made popular by Instagram, this small amount of TOX can not only calm down those fine lines around your lips, but also slightly turn up your pucker giving you a more plump look! Say good-bye ‘smokers’ lines!

Dimpled Chin

(Orange Peel Chin)
2-4 Units


Botox and Dysport can relax the look of a dimpled chin giving the lower portion of your face a more relaxed and smooth appearance.

Up Turn Smile

4-6 Units


The depressor anguli oris muscle in the face, also known as the “DAO’s” pull down the corners of the mouth when we pout. Placing TOX here can turn up the corners of your mouth making you appear to have more of a smile! Who doesn’t want that?


(Platysmal Bands/ Nefertiti)
12-36 Units


The perfect fix for the weakened vertical neck bands that create the appearance of a “turkey neck;” a classic sign of aging. With Tox here, say goodbye to that turkey neck!


30-70 Units


Botox and Dysport can be placed in several different muscles throughout the face and occiput to give you relief for 3-4 months of migraines and headaches! TOX was approved by the FDA for migraines in 2012! Simply amazing.


2-20 Units


This is purposely diluted TOX to work on the skin level, not the muscle level. Botox/Dysport used on this level will tighten and smooth skin!


(Masseter Muscles)
20-50 Units


Are you grinding your teeth or do you ever wake up with tightness in your jaw? Have you ever developed a migraine or headache because of it? Botox/Dysport in the masseter muscles (jaw muscles) will be a game changer in terms of relief for you!

Excessive Sweating

40-100 Units


No more drenching your work shirts or creating unwanted stains on your clothes from excess sweating. Botox is FDA approved for the treatment of excessive sweating in the underarms, palms and soles of the feet.


10-100 Units


Spasm of the small arteries in the fingers reduce blood flow to the tips of the fingers resulting in pain and ulcers. Ouch! Botox/Dysport can relieve the spasms restoring blood flow, sensation, and healing ulcers! Thank you Botox and Dysport!


Tox Love FAQs

Both neurotoxins are dosed to last 3-4 months.

Dysport has a tendency to kick in the fastest with results noticed as early as 3 days. Botox usually kicks in in about a week to 10 days. It is recommended to give both products 14 days before they fully kick in.

Botox/Dysport range in cost based on the units needed and the muscles strength of the area wanted to be treated. AIVE’s cost per unit is $13, however our Infinity Memberships make it so the cost can be as low as $10/unit depending on the membership chosen.

We recommend giving yourself a few weeks to one month before any major life even (i.e. wedding, etc.) so that your neurotoxin is on point! We guarantee to make your TOX perfect if you do that!

Botox/Dysport are injected with the smallest needle on the market and placed very gently. Most patients do not experience pain with neurotoxins. Here at AIVE we have vibration tools, ice, and squeeze balls to help mitigate pain.

To help decrease or prevent bruising we recommend avoiding blood thinning medications, ibuprofen, aspirin, NSAIDS, fish oils, garlic, ginseng, and ginkgo supplements for a week before your appointment.

It is recommended to not take a nap or fall asleep for 3 hours after receiving your TOX to prevent the spread to neighboring muscles while you sleep. Do not massage your face or rub where the TOX was placed. Avoid hats if receiving TOX to the forehead muscles to prevent pushing your TOX lower toward your brow. It is also recommended to wait 24 hours before heavy working out to ensure your TOX kicks in to its full potential.