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Botox & Dysport are injectable medications that slow the appearance of aging to our skin. Botox & Dysport halt that dynamic movement leaving your skin smooth & looking youthful!

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Reverse the natural process of aging with the best dermal fillers on the market! We use a variety of hyaluronic acid fillers, & bio-stimulant fillers to restore what time has attempted to take away.


One of the most unique dermal injectables on the aesthetic market, Sculptra is an injectable that aids your body in producing it’s OWN natural collagen.

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Kybella, a man-made version of deoxycholic acid, is an injectable that is FDA approved to improve your profile by permanently dissolving unwanted fat under the chin. It is a fantastic alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction.

Hair mesotherapy or scalp prp: Platelet-rich plasma procedure. Beautician doctor makes injections in the man head for hair growth against hair loss and baldness (Hair mesotherapy or scalp prp: Platelet-rich plasma procedure. Beautician doctor makes in


With platelet rich fibrin, we are using YOUR own body to restore & rejuvenate you! Natural & subtle volume restoration & tightening is the key to maintaining your beauty over time. PRF is obtained from drawing your blood, spinning it down, & injecting the platelet rich fibrin matrix back into you.

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In areas where lift is needed but volume is not, PDO threads are the perfect tool! These threads are designed to lift and add strength to the skin through collagenesis.

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Enjoy specialty treatment services individually designed to help you address your personal wellness with cutting edge approaches and technology without hardly any downtime.



Where luxury spas blend with medically designed services to create the ultimate youth rejuvenation experience at the hands of medically certified professionals.