Our Vision

We all have to start somewhere right? AIVE’s future is to have a place of comfort for all encompassing anti-aging and wellness for everyone. Anti-aging will include not only aesthetics but internal anti-aging and health coaching using scientifically backed research with supplements, IV hydration, and life elongating procedures like the cryo-chamber. In addition, our future will bring true wellness and healing modalities like the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, infrared saunas, cancer fighting high dose vitamin C infusions, and various other holistic healing avenues. AIVE will be your one-stop-shop to look and FEEL your best!

About Us

AIVE was founded by one of Utah’s Top Injectors and Nationally Recognized Trainers in neurotoxins and dermal fillers! Shari Quai, CRNA-APRN was one of UTAHs first aesthetic injectors back when you kept botox a secret! Injecting full time since 2008, and learning everything advanced as it arrives to the industry today, there is nothing she can’t do to get you to achieve your best, most natural self. Shari prides herself on being an injector that specializes in FULL FACE RESTORATION, not so much augmentation… although she can do that too. Her passion and love for aesthetics is to return back to you what has always been yours. She can truly reverse the clock of aging.

In 2018 Shari Quai was given news every human fears: a 4 stage cancer diagnosis. She has been ferociously fighting colorectal cancer since that day and continues her fight today. She is doing well and lives her life FEARLESSLY as even a cancer diagnosis will not slow her down from her dreams. And her dreams are to GIVE BACK. Give back all the knowledge she has attained over the last two years of continuous research in the field of health, wellness and longevity. From her craft of aesthetic injections and now her knowledge of internal health, AIVE was a vision waiting to be born.